Perky Grim Idea

My name is Oliver Clean, and for the last 500 years I’ve been stranded on an Island, with only one goal: Get back at my mom for my shitty childhood!

Arrow - Grim Mom

I had plenty of time to think about this, and I came up with a really perky idea:

  • I would dress up in a dark green hood,
  • put some dark green make up around my eyes,
  • break through the window into my mom’s office,
  • knock everybody out except her,
  • point an arrow at her face,
  • and say with that creepy voice I’ve developed on the island

You have failed this city!1

And she would crawl on her knees, and be scared like shit, and whine and beg for her life… And on the inside I’d cherish this blissful moment of satisfaction, and think:

Oh yeah! This makes up for all my years in therapy.

One of these days, I’m gonna make this real! So stay tuned!

Update: I have already purchased the hood and the dark make up. And I’ve practiced my creepy voice for over a week now. (I also got myself a voice modulator - just in case. Coz’ I like to have my bases covered.)

So yeah! It’s happening! I’m fucking ready for this! One of these days, guys! One of these days…

Stay tuned!

My name is Oliver Clean, and I am about to become The Grim Arrow.

  1. I have no fucking clue why this should mean anything to my mom, but those are the words that crossed my mind that time. Ridiculous, but they stuck.