An Invisible Battle

My Sleep Is A Battlefield

This is not Oliver Clean. Oliver is still denying his destiny, pretending to be cut out for a dull, uncomplicated life. But in the depths of his soul, well hidden and far away from his consciousness, an invisible battle is unfurling, a battle to reclaim the purity of his true identity.

Fortunately, since I am who I am,1 I have access to all of his mind, heart, and soul, to all of his facets and internal personas. That is how I know, one of those personas plays a crucial role in this battle, in all his battles in fact: His Poet Within. Who is incredibly busy right now, processing clammy swoops of emotional mud, transforming darkness into light, fears and pain into beauty, confusion into clarity…

My Sleep Is A Battlefield

Dark and cold the forest nights
Deafening the dankly silence
Between the shadows and the lights
Signs emerge of creeping violence

Creatures split off from the trees
Their glowing eyes directed at me
I fall helpless on my knees
I’d faint, but their grip won’t let me

Then calmness comes upon my senses
I feel no threat, just invitation
Their calling pierces my defenses
And I give in to my damnation

I am the voice in Oliver Clean’s head, and this was just something I picked up in there to keep you posted until he returns as The Grim Arrow again.

Oh, and don’t forget! The Next Big Adventure - it is coming! Soon!

Disclaimer & Credits The image at the top of this post is courtesy of Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide. The Grim Arrow neither owns nor claims copyright to this image.

  1. In case you didn’t know, I am the Voice in Oliver’s head