Beyond Saving?

Reach Down & Pull Me Up

This is The Voice in Oliver’s head, and here is something I want to share - an insight that you couldn’t gain on your own.

Sometimes, you humans experience an injury of the heart so deep, that you’re too busy numbing yourselves against the pain to notice that the impact of the cut has created a void in your chest, in your soul. A void that expands like a dark, cold universe, and that you are thrown far out into that universe. When you come to your senses, your natural instinct is, of course, to find your way back. But you can never know if you’re too far gone to be saved.

We, the Voices in your heads, witness events like that from time to time. When we do, we are in deep trouble. It’s a struggle for survival for us, as we can easily get lost in the same expanding void, even to the point that we may never be able to reestablish the contact with you again. When that happens, a string of fate - the string of your fate - is loosened and falls off the net, affecting countless other strings, other lives…

Such has been the case with one of us in the recent few years. That Voice is now wandering on paths of the past, prisoner to its protege’s memory labyrinth, unable to fully find back its way into the here and now. Caught up in a conflicting web of cries for help and self-punishment, and trying to escape that invisible battlefield, the Voice ended up in a large, dark room, where it has been stifled by repeating echoes of desperate self-reproach ever since:

I take my falls, hands pulled behind my back
You made the knot and didn’t leave much slack
Now I’m tied up, I’m tied down
And every time I try to fly up, I fly down
Into the sea and hold my breath
I am a mirrored rumble fish
My fists are clenching for the kill
So could you reach down and break my will
Or am I just too far gone to be saved?
Or am I just too far gone to be saved? 1

We still hold out hope, but that Voice and that string of fate might be lost forever. And with it, countless other fates may never find their full accomplishment.

Wouldn’t that be sad?

So my advice to you is: Take good care of your hearts! There’s a lot more at stake than grief.

~The Voice

  1. Music and lyrics by Sixpense None The Richer