Electromagnetic Casting Experience

My name is Oliver Clean, and … you know! 500 years… Lonely island… Wild sex dreams… And now: A Nerdette Casting, and an application that blew my socks away! 🙂

Here it goes:

Cosplay Sidekick Wanna-be BTW, the sign says: Does it matter if I’m blonde or nerdy? :mrgreen:

Dear Mr. Arrow,

I’m not a friend of many words. As you can see from my pictures, I already have all that it takes to be your sidekick: A superhero costume, remarkable physical attributes, and exceptional skills as an extroverted seductress.

I hope the position allows me to use my electromagnetic riffle a lot. Coz’ I love that shit!


Yoko Littner The fierce warrior lady and grim arrow sidekick wanna-be.

Clearly, I had to invite that Yoko person to an interview, for obvious reasons. :mrgreen:

Here’s how it went:

Arrow : Miss Littner, did you prior warrior experience include wearing tight pants all the time?

Yoko : Short tight leather pants are mandatory extrovert seductress equipment.

Arrow: And do you also handle computers? (Thinking: In that tight pants of yours…)

Yoko : Short tight leather pants are mandatory extrovert seductress equipment… And did I mention my electromagnetic riffle?

Arrow: Yes, but what about computers?

Yoko: Look: Short! Tight! Leather! Pants! Or else: Electromagnetic riffle! Get it?

Arrow : I see. How about information acquisition methods?

Yoko: Always in person. Wearing my short tight leather pants. If it ain’t working… Electromagnetic riffle!

Arrow: Mmmhmmm… (Staring at her boobs… Looking away… Now staring at her short tight leather pants. Now back at her boobs. WTF?! WTF?! Feeling like a loaded electromagnetic riffle. Back at her boobs… This is fucking confusing!)

Arrow : That’s an impressive set of… cough cough… skills, Miss Littner. How about we now dive deeper into your portfolio? …

I’m telling ya, I enjoyed the shit out of this interview. Alas, still no Nerdette sidekick.

My name is Oliver Clean, and I am The Grim Arrow. And so the casting goes on…