Beauty And Art Over My Grim Head

Hi Guys! Oliver Clean here. As you know, for the last 500 years I’ve been stranded on an island. And if you now think “He had a lot of time to come up with such a colorful metaphor for a post title”, you are mistaken. It’s not like that.

But watch the video first, it truly is one of beauty and art:

Did you see that? Wonderful! And fucking masterful in execution, right?

Beauty And Art Over My Grim Head

What you couldn’t see is what’s going on under that ventilation shaft the artist is standing on.

Guess who’s lurking in the dark place down there, sneaking in the shadows, following clues, exploring the underground?

That’s right, baby! It’s yours truly! *NodsWithBigEyes*

See? Today’s title is, in fact, meant very literally. There actually was beautiful art going on up above, right over my head. No metaphor intended. :mrgreen:

My name is Oliver Clean, I am The Grim Arrow, and I’m everywhere! 😎


Yo, man! I know. Today’s story is somewhat… lame. Hardly a story, really! More like just a “cover” to share that YouTube video. But hey, that’s all I’ve got! So suck it up! 😛😉