That Morgan Freeman Voice

This post was inspired by a Morgan Freeman appearance on the Late Late Show. Watch video?

Morgan Freeman Cameon On Grim Arrow My name is Oliver Clean, and for 500 years, I’ve been a fan of Morgan Freeman’s. But on that island, he has also been my guide.


During those long days and nights on the island, whenever I got knocked down, whenever I felt like giving up, I heard his voice. In my head! That Morgan Freeman Voice! IN MY FUCKING HEAD!

No one can resist That Morgan Freeman Voice! The man was God, for fuck sake!

And so I got back up, and carried on.

The funny thing was though, That Morgan Freeman Voice wasn’t saying things that made much sense. Often, it would be singing to me strange songs, like “Once In A Lifetime” from the Talking Heads:

And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may ask yourself: Well? How did I get here?

Was it mocking me? Listen to this audio recording (directly from my head!) and judge for yourself:1

My name is Oliver Clean, and before I became The Grim Arrow, I was haunted by That Morgan Freeman Voice.

  1. Legal disclaimer: The two lyrics lines and the 17 seconds of music in the sound mix are covered by Fair Use. No infringement was committed, nor intended.