Little Blonde Nerdette

Cute Little Blonde Nerdette

I am Oliver Clean, and for the last 500 years, I’ve been stranded on an island, where I had plenty of time to develop all sorts of plans.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that most of those plans require dealing with computers nowadays, and I suck with computers. They are just not my area of competence. My area of competence is to look grim and talk with a creepy voice to people who deserve it. That’s my professional focus. That’s what I’m good at. And that’s how I wanna keep it. I mean, who wants to be a Jack of All Trades, right?

So I guess there’s no way around it: I’m gonna need a nerd assistant. A female nerd. A nerdette. A cute one. With blonde hair.

Oh yeah! I’d like me a cute blonde nerdette! *DwellsInAMomentOfRapture*

Gee, that would be so fucking awesome, if someone matching that description would knock on my door, right?

I heared in Santa Barbara cute blonde nerdettes are practically growing from the trees. I wouldn’t know.

Oh dear! Oh dear! What are the chances? What are the chances?

Perhaps if I… No, that will never work! Although, perhaps it might… If I called out? No! If I cried out into the depths of the interwebz, that I’m staging a:

Cute Little Blonde Nerdette Casting?

Cute Little Blonde Nerdette Casting

Oh cute little blonde nerdette, where are though? Are you out there? Dare to join my mission?

Introduce yourself briefly. Crack me your line along with a nice picture to

nerdettecasting [AT]

And yeah, figuring out the actual email address is sort of an entry test. 😎

My name is Oliver Clean, and I am The Grim Arrow (who’s looking for a hot sidekick.)