A Not Yet Blonde Nerdette

Felicity Smoak

Hi there! My name is Oliver Clean, and for the last 500 years… Oh, what the fuck! I’ll just cut to the chest!

Remember I’m looking for a cute little blonde nerdette? Sure you remeber! I strategically posted pics of a hot blonde bookworm to make sure you do! :mrgreen:

Well, about that… I’ve got an update for you. Yes I do! 😎

See, I’ve got numerous applications by now.

I did, right? Little did I know, but girls seem to be leaving their day jobs left and right just to become my sidekick. I’m fucking overwhelmed. Ain’t that awesome, or what?

But then again, should I really be that surprised? After all, am I The Grim Fucking Arrow, or am I not? 😎

Back to Earth (Houston, I lost touch for a moment there!): One of the candidates even went to the lengths to make a video for me. Here it is:

Not particularly blonde (yet), but outright enthusiastic. I know, right?

I can’t wait to see where this is going!

My name is Oliver Clean, and I am The Grim Arrow - who’s totally yabbadabbadoo about the casting response so far!

Yabba Dabba Doo