Huh? We've Got An Irish President?

My name is Oliver Clean, and for the last 500 years I’ve been stranded on an island. The one thing that I didn’t miss at all during that time was: Politics. Many things changed when I came back from the island. This one didn’t.

I’m still not into politics. Given my occupation, can you imagine the kind of hours I’d have to work if I was? It would be insane! No way, dude! I stay out of it. Completly. Even to the point that I usually don’t even know who’s president.

But people talk. You overhear things. Especially in my line of work, where I get to linger around dark places a lot, unnoticed, I get to hear all sorts of things from unsuspecting attendees. Most of the time it’s discrustingly boring shit, when I hate every minute of me being there, but sometimes I also get to hear some useful or intriguing stuff.

And so it happened I’ve overheard some politically inspired conversations. And I came to learn something about politics after all.

president-o-bummer.png Did you know our president is Irish? Because I didn’t!

I mean, I can’t be sure he’s Irish, but he must be.

Because his name is, apparently, President O’Bummer.


Who the fuck has a name like that? And who the fuck keeps a name like that?

I mean, can you imagine his school yard life? The poor boy. It must have been awefull!

Now this intrigues me. Do I sense a conspiracy somewhere in there? Something smells off about this anyway. Let’s see what else I get to overhear.

My name is Oliver Clean, and I am The Grim Arrow — now with fresh knowledge on politics in my brains!