The Grim Face Of Freedom

My name is Oliver Clean, and for the last 500 years I’ve been stranded on an island, unsuspecting we would one day have an Irish head of state : President O’Bummer. A man with such an unlucky name is at least marginally worthy of my attention. Meaning I pay some attention when I hear people mention him in conversations while I linger around dark places.

And indeed I’ve overheared new and intriguing things about his political election on my recent night watch. Wanna know about it?

Yes We Can (Do Whatever The Fuck We Want)

When President O’Bummer won his very first election, his victory was apparently owed in great part to his main slogan:

Yes, we can do whatever the fuck we want!”

His voters were apparently totally sold on that slogan. Because who wouldn’t want to do whatever the fuck they want? It was a brilliant slogan. A slogan that symbolized absolute freedom. That is, untill peopled learned the truth…

Because as time went by, and particularly in his second mandate, it became increasingly apparent that the “we” in the slogan didn’t represent the people, but the goverment and it’s associates. Apparently it was leaked to the public via several social media channels that the original, unpublished version of the slogan was “Yes, we - the goverment - can do whatever the fuck we want!”, but early public-opinion polls had shown that the wording - albeit striking the right chord with bankers, top managers, the military administration, and the Riffle Association, didn’t tune well with the majority of voters, and was hence re-phrased into its later victorious form.

Now that’s sneaky, right?

This guy is getting more interesting by the night (err, because I’m only out at night). I’ll sure keep my ears open for more.

My name is Oliver Clean, and I am The Grim Arrow.


As this continues to be so intriguing, a few nights trip to the capitol might be in order. Surely there will be more precarious gossip to overhear over there. I’ll keep you posted. Over.